About Stadium Boosters

The members of this corporation shall consist of persons whose background, experience or interests indicate that they will support the purposes of the corporation. All parents and guardians of Stadium High School students are, by default, General Members for the corporation. Voting members of the corporation are those parents, guardians, Stadium High School teachers and staff, and others interested in supporting the purpose of the corporation who pay annual membership dues. Two types of membership are available. Active membership will be individuals who wish to regularly attend meetings and be active voting members. Sustaining members will be individuals who do not regularly attend meetings and do not have voting privileges. Members for notice and voting purposes shall be those persons choosing to be active members, whose current dues have been paid. Voting members must attend at least two booster meetings during the current year.
Current Board Members

President: Melissa Smith

Co-Vice Presidents: Rachael Bouma & Tamara Jones

Treasurer: Joan Waldrop

Secretary: Kristin Hall